Thurgau at a glance



Key figures on the Canton of Thurgau

Districts ("Bezirke") 5
Political Municipalities 80
Area 991 km2
Northernmost point In the middle of Rhein River ("Schaarenwiese", Schlatt)
Southernmost point Point of intersection of Canton Thurgau, St. Gallen and Zurich (Fischingen)
Easternmost point Confluence of Goldach River into Lake Constance (Horn)
Westernmost point Mountain Kohlfirst (Schlatt)
Highest point Hohgrat (Fischingen), 991 m.a.s.l.
Lowest point Effluent of Thur River out of the Canton (Neunforn), 370 m.a.s.l.
Maximum distance north-south 35 km
Maximum distance east-west 61 km
Total population 2016 269'731
Percentage of foreigners 2016  24.2 %
Population density 2015 3,1 inhabitants per hectare land area
Persons employed 2014 102'871
Percentage of persons employed by sector:  
     Agriculture 5,9 %
     Industry 35,8 %
     Services 58,3 %
Unemployed persons, 2016 3'794
Unemployment rate 2016 2,5 %
Gross Domestic Product, at current prices 2014  15'860 million Swiss francs
Gross Domestic Product per capita, at current prices 2014 60'533 Swiss francs

Thurgau in Figures 2017 (in German)

Thurgau in Focus - Statistical Yearbook 2016 (in German)


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